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AndHerStory creates signature jewelry and apparel for women and men, as well as home decor and accessories.

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AndHerStory sells handmade jewelry, apparel, accessories, and art. All items are uniquely crafted, with the possibility of customization if requested.  We delve into the history that influences many of the products we sell, providing our customers with an informed and intimate experience. 

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Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

Many of our pieces are handmade using gold, silver, or bronze metal clay. PMC contains precious metal particles and an organic binder. Once we carve, imprint, or sculpt the piece, it is fired and the binder burns off, leaving a fine gold, silver, or bronze finished piece.


Adinkra Symbols

Originally created by the Ashanti, Adinkra symbols are also in many of our designs. These symbols are beautiful and decorative, but also represent objects that hold messages of traditional wisdom, and aspects of life or the environment.

Gemstones & Swarovski Crystals

Gemstones have been valued throughout history in many civilizations. They have been used for personal adornment and embellishment, currency, and much more. 

Dazzling and luxurious Swarovski crystals are crafted in Austria to the highest standards of quality and are considered to be the finest products of their kind in the world!